Best Golf Cages In 2023

Practicing at home is a must if you want to take your golf game to the next level. You can make all the practice “air” swings in the world, but there is nothing like hitting actual golf shots. This is where the purchase of a golf cage can make all the difference. The ability to hit actual shots, even into a net, provides invaluable feedback. If you hit a shank, you know it. If you flush a shot, you also know it.

If you have minimal space, a regular golf net could be all you have room for. If you do have a little extra space, I highly recommend purchasing a golf cage. As you probably know, we don’t always hit straight shots. One huge benefit of the golf cages is the ability to catch those occasional shots we catch off the hosel, which flies straight left or straight right. I’ve put many golf ball sized holes in the drywall in my garage due to those kinds of shots.

Below, you’ll find a list of the 10 best golf cages I could find. I’ve included budget options as well as some higher quality models. There are also a few different sizes to choose from based on the space you have available.

Top 10 Picks For Best Home Golf Cages

1. The Harley Golf Cage

This golf cage has a lot to live up to with a name like “The Harley”. Fortunately for us, this is a quality product. The dimensions are 10ft x 10ft x 10ft. A couple things stand out for me with this cage. The aluminum corner kit provides an extra layer of stability when connecting the poles together. Speaking of the poles, they are 5ft in length which makes installation easier in my opinion. This cage also comes with a hitting mat which is a purchase you’d likely have to make anyway. Included materials are as follows:

  • Frame poles (Black Powder Coated)
  • Aluminum Corner Kit
  • Outer Net (Medium Duty)
  • Inner Impact Panel (10ft x 10ft)
  • Practice Target (3ft x 3ft)
  • Hitting Mat (3ft x 5ft)
  • Ball Tray

This is a highly rated cage. Out of the13 reviews I came across, 12 were 5-star and 1 was a 3-star. The cage being high quality and the ease of installation were two main takeaways while reading through the reviews.

The price of this cage is a competitive $599. The overall quality of this product, combined with not having to go out and buy additional piping, firmly puts this in the #1 spot for me.

2. YUNIC Sport Steel Metal Golf Cage

The YUNIC Sport Steel Metal Golf Cage is another great option. The cage dimensions are a robust 10 ft x 10ft x 10ft. While some of the golf cages on this list don’t come with the needed piping for the frame, everything is included in this YUNIC model. Included materials are as follows:

  • Frames for the body and corner joints (Steel)
  • Two hitting nets (outer and inner)
  • Golf hitting target (underrated add-in as it will be taking the brunt of the shots so the net will be protected.)
  • Golf Hitting Mat (5ft x 5ft) if upgraded option chosen. (The additional $150 added to the total price is very competitive for a mat of this size)
  • Foam covers are provided for piping to prevent the golf ball from ricocheting

The YUNIC is highly rated on Amazon, 4.3 stars out of 5. Reviewers mentioned the cage is not difficult to set up but NO instructions are provided, which is annoying. Some also mentioned the need to anchor it down if in a windy area. This will be required for nearly all golf cages and hitting nets. Lastly, a couple of folks mentioned a part or two missing in the initial shipment. However, they stated the customer service is excellent and got the situation remedied quickly.

There are two pricing options available. $429 without hitting mat and $579 with the hitting mat.

3. Forb Freestanding Golf Cage & Net

The Freestanding Golf Cage & Net made by Forb Golf is another rock solid option. This cage is completely freestanding and 100% weather-resistant. The dimensions are 10ft x 10ft x 10ft which provides plenty of room to hit all clubs in the bag comfortably. Included materials are as follows:

  • Steel frame (34mm tubing)
  • Outer net (2.3mm knotless twine with 22mm mesh)
  • Impact net (2.3mm knotless twine with 22mm mesh)
  • Cable ties to keep netting secure

I love the fact that the impact area is double netted which will prevent any ball from sneaking through. It’s priced to sell at $459.99.

I was able to locate five reviews which were all 5 stars. The reviewers left high marks for the sturdiness of the unit as well as the aforementioned price.

4. Forb Proflex Pop-Up Golf Driving Net/Cage

Next on the list is the Forb Proflex Pop-Up Golf Cage. This is a smaller unit, coming in at 8ft x 8ft x 8ft. So if you’re tight on space, this could be the option. I absolutely love the simplicity of the setup with this cage as well as the portability. Included materials are as follows:

  • Frame Base (25x25x1.5mm steel tubing)
  • Frame Poles (14mm fiberglass poles)
  • Outer Net (1-inch polyester mesh)
  • Impact Net (1-inch polyester mesh)
  • Carry Bag

As I said with the other Forb cage on this list, the double netting at the impact area is great to have for peace of mind. The best-priced cage on this list comes in at $349.99.

Reviews were stellar for this cage as well. The main takeaways were how easy this cage is to set up and take down. We’re talking minutes, not hours. This is perfect for someone who has very little patience when assembling products (raising hand!).

5. Cimarron 10′ x 10′ x 10′ Masters Golf Net with Frame Kit

Some of the cages on this list are sold without the poles/pipes, and this Cimarron is one. Based on the price point of this frame and how much the recommended pipes cost, it’s worth being on the list. The steel frame kit plus the recommended metal poles are a step up in quality compared to some of the others on the list. Once fully constructed, this cage should last quite a long time. Included materials are as follows:

  • Steel frame corners (1 1/4″)
  • Cage Net (UV Treated Black 252 Netting)
  • Baffle (Heavy Duty Archery Netting)
  • Impact Target

The price for this cage is $349. I looked up the price of the recommended Metal Emt Conduit pipes and for 12 of them, the total is around $280 with tax. So we’re looking at a grand total of around $630.

I was able to find a couple of reviews and, both mentioned it was a great cage. A reviewer did point out that the poles could use some padding to prevent the balls from ricocheting back at the golfer. This is a good callout by the reviewer. Foam covers could be something worth looking into when buying the pipes.

6. Bownet 8′ Hitting Cube Portable Backstop

The Bownet 8′ Hitting Cube Portable Backstop is a cage technically designed for baseball batting practice but could easily be used as a golf cage with some slight modifications. The dimensions are 8ft x 8ft x 9.5ft so a bit on the smaller side compared to others on the list. This has to be the easiest of all the cages to set up as it can be done in less than 5 minutes. Included materials are as follows:

  • Frame (8’ Cube Powder Coated Steel)
  • Poles
  • Cage Net
  • 2 Baffles (Will be hung in the impact zone)
  • Carry Bag

The price is $589.99. Everything is included with this price. The only additional item I’d recommend is another net to hang in the back. Hitting into the baffles will definitely stop any balls from sneaking out, but you can never be too safe. Although not designed necessarily for golf, this is one of my favorites.

I was only able to find three reviews, but they were all 5-star. One mentioned how convenient this cage is to have in the garage during the wintertime. Definitely a plus!

7. US Netting Large Golf Cage Kit – 10′ x 10′ x 10′

Similar to the Cimarron frame on the list, this golf cage from US Netting comes with a net and corner frames only. No piping. This is more DIY style which I know a lot of you out there will enjoy. I like the fact that this cage uses PVC piping. It’s not steel, but it’s very durable. Included materials are as follows:

  • PVC Corner Kit: fits with 1.5″ Diameter PVC for frame.
  • (2) Two-way corners and (6) Three-way corners (3-way NOT available at the hardware store)
  • Golf Net (“Pro” grade)
  • Additional backstop net for added safety
  • Multiple hooks, fasteners, and straps are included as well

This golf cage kit runs at $711. The additional PVC piping will cost another $110 so we’re looking at around $820 for all the necessary components. The price tag is higher than most on this list, and you may have to do a little more work, but this cage will be absolute quality once assembled.

8. BCI Portable Backstop

Next up is the BCI Portable Backstop. This is another cage designed for baseball batting practice, but it could serve a dual purpose for golf. BCI actually sells a Batting Cage Golf Insert which I recommend purchasing along with the Portable Backstop. If you don’t purchase the insert from BCI, make sure to buy an additional net to add an extra layer of security to this cage. One of the wider options on this list, the dimensions are 15ft x 10ft x 10ft. The extra 5ft of width is a definite luxury. Plus, it has wheels! Included materials are as follows:

  • Frame (Powder Coated Steel Tubing and Welded Corner Fittings)
  • Netting (Knotless #36 HDPE)
  • Wheel Kit

The price of the BCI Portable Backstop is $799. The golf insert BCI sells separately is $309 putting the grand total around $1100.

Out of the 13 reviews found, 10 are 5-star, 2 are 4-star, and 1 is a 1-star. No golf-specific reviews were available, but the overall quality of the product was applauded while the only negative was assembly instructions were missing for some customers.

With a little DIY know-how, this could be an epic golf cage

9. VANTA SPORTS Golf Hitting Cage

The Vanta Sports Golf Hitting Cage is another golf cage that could last a long time. Like a couple others on the list, no piping is included with the purchase. The needed piping can be purchased at your local home improvement store. The dimensions are 10ft x 10ft x 10ft. This is a quality golf cage and is priced competitively. The included materials are as follows:

  • 10 Piece Golf Frame Corner Kit (Steel)
  • Outer Net
  • Baffle (Heavy Duty)
  • Golf Target

The price for the cage without the piping is $279.99. The needed piping can be purchased at your local home improvement store for around $275 for a grand total of $555.

10. Cimarron 20’x10’x10′ Masters Golf Cage with Frame Corners

The biggest golf cage on the list is the Cimarron 20’x10’x10′ Masters Golf Cage. The additional 10ft of depth provides the ultimate protection against stray golf balls. This is a really cool setup if you have the space. Like the other Cimarron cage, this one doesn’t include the frame poles either. Again, they can be picked up at your local home improvement stores. Included materials are as follows:

  • Steel Frame Corner Kit
  • Netting (Black #252)
  • Baffle (Heavy Duty)
  • Golf Target

The price for this cage is $449. The additional piping cost another $480 for a grand total of $930. For the size and quality of this cage, that’s a solid price.

I was able to find a handful of reviews and this cage rated 4.3 out of 5 stars. Reviewers mentioned assembly is definitely a two person job and the instructions weren’t comprehensive enough (a common theme).

Final Thoughts

I can’t stress how important it is to have some type of hitting station at home where you can hit real golf balls. It’s so much easier to work on the golf swing in the comfort of your own yard or garage versus at the driving range. Personally, I love the convenience a home golf cage provides. Plus, you’ll save some of the money you’d be spending at the range. It’s a win-win!

This is the most comprehensive list of golf cages available online. I hope you find something that fits your needs. Good luck!


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