Best Golf Grips For Arthritis In 2023

The hands are the most important part of the body when it comes to swinging a golf club. They provide the lone connection between you and the club. Having pain the in the hands, such as arthritis, can be a nightmare for golfers. Gripping the club for golfers with arthritic hands becomes a task in itself. Thankfully, measures can be taken to alleviate some of the pain. One such measure, which we will be discussing in this article, is switching to a golf grip that’s more accommodating for someone dealing with arthritis. When compared to the standard grips, these grips will be larger and softer which makes them easier to grip while also absorbing shock.

Keep reading to find out the best golf grips for arthritis currently on the market.

Top 10 Golf Grips For Arthritis

1. Winn Excel Oversize Grip – $9.19

The Winn Excel grip is Winn’s best-selling grip of all time. It’s super tacky but also soft, which provides the utmost shock absorption. On a scale of 1-10, this grip scores a 10 in terms of shock absorption per Winn’s website, which is perfect for someone with arthritic or sore hands. The grip comes in a wrap style and when combined with the soft feel, can easily be used without a glove.

Really comfortable grips. I bought these to reduce the pain in my arthritic thumbs. Very comfortable. Easy to hold on to.

Douglas via

In my opinion, best grips out there!! Have pretty severe arthritis in my hands and the oversized, soft grips allow me to hold on to my clubs with less pressure. Which results in less pain in my hands and wrists!! Love them!!

Mike via

2. Tacki-Mac Non-Tapered Serrated Oversize Grip – $4.75

One of the most economical grips on this list is the Tacki-Mac Non-Tapered Serrated Oversize grip. The serrated design of this grip, combined with its softness, makes this grip ideal for someone dealing with arthritis in the hands. As the company name would suggest, this grip maintains its tackiness longer than most competitors. For the price, the Tacki-Mac Non-Tapered Serrated Oversize grip is hard to beat.

I bought these for a friend that couldn’t make a fist due to arthritis. Using standard grips caused his hands to be very painful by the end of a round. With these grips he was able to hold his cubs better with much less pain to no pain.

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Excellent grips. Have Arthritis in my hands….these grips are the best solution I have found for holding on to the club.

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3. Winn Dri-Tac LT (Less Taper) Oversize Grip – $11.49

The Winn Dri-Tac LT is my current grip, albiet in the midsize version. I absolutely love this grip. Like most grips on this list, the area where the lower hand grips is larger making it easier to grip for someone with arthritis. I never feel like I have to squeeze this grip tight like I have with other grips in the past. The shock absorption is great as well. Love this grip!

These grip are for avid golfers who have arthritis in their hands. I love to play golf and this helps me do it pain free.

Reviewed on

Absolutely love these grips. enough tackiness, soft and easy to hold. Best of all they have been a boon to alleviating the arthritis pain in my hands! I would recommend these grips to anyone who wants a softer feel, better control of the club face, and wants to help lessen painful hands/wrists.

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4. JumboMax JMX UltraLite – $15.99

The JumboMax JMX UltraLite is the grip that the one, the only, Bryson DeChambeau uses. It’s super light, up to 25% lighter than standard grips. JumboMax introduced it’s Tri-Texture™ technology with the UltraLite grip. The grip has three different textures on different parts of the grip to allow for better performance and feel along with the ability to use them in all weather conditions. For as many repetitions as DeChambeau puts in, he has to have grips that won’t tear up his hands. The fact that these were specially designed with him in mind is good enough for me to give them a try.

The jumbomax ultralite x-small grips made the game so much more enjoyable, as it allowed me to hold on to the club without pain. I have arthritis on my right fingers and wrist. It was very difficult to swing my club with any consistency until I found these. At first, I tried a medium size on my driver as I wear a medium golf club. The grip was too big, and I pushed my shots. A friend suggested the x-small, yes the x-small! Jackpot! I now have them on all my clubs, from wedges to driver. This grip has been a game changer for me. I can’t imagine playing with anything else.

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I have arthritis in both of my hands. I was about to give up hope. JamboMax saved my game and improved my club control. I highly recommend these grips. They work. I use Medium.

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5. Golf Pride CPX Oversize Grip – $10.49

The CPX Oversize grip is Golf Pride’s softest performing grip. The technology used in the design of this grip, EXO diamond-quilted pattern, was specifically made to reduce vibration and add more comfort to the hands. I love the fact that Golf Pride created a new technology aimed towards making it easier for golfers with arthritic hands to play.

I have short fingers and arthritis in both hands. These grips help to absorb the vibration from hitting the golf ball while letting you still feel the shot. Great consistency and great feel. I would recommend these grips to anyone who has similar issues as I have.

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I went to jumbo from mid size. These grip are the best I’ve ever had. I’ve had back, neck and elbow surgeries. Add to that arthritis in my fingers. My arthritis is my biggest issue and these grips help a lot. I have even hit without a glove and held on easy. Thanks for a grip for me Golfpride

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6. Avon Chamois .600 Oversize Grips – $4.99

The Avon Chamois .600 grip has been a favorite of golfers for over 25 years. It’s a ribbed style and is made using Avon’s innovative Air-Cushioned Absorption System (ACAS) to provide maximum comfort for someone with arthritic or sensitive hands.

Grip alleviates pain and has great feel. Bought a set of used AP1s and wanted to replace the grips. Saw that these can alleviate arthritic pain and it was a no-brainer. Like these so much that I put them on my 7 wood, 4 wood, and driver as well.

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Best Grips Ever Used. If you have arthritis or some other hand problems these are the grips to use! I’ve had problems with the joints on both hands for a number a years now, can’t even use the interlocking or overlapping grip, and I’ve found that the Jumbo Avon Chamois grips relieve the discomfort in my hands. Grips are very soft and absorb the pressure associated with striking the ball. Unfortunately the softness of these grips results in their wearing out after one season on the clubs most used kind of like WINN grips but the lower price on the Avon grips makes it easier to take. Also easy to install.

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7. Winn Dri-Tac Oversize Grip – $10.59

The third Winn grip to make the list, the Winn Dri-Tac Oversize grip is weather-resistant and provides a perfect blend of comfort, shock absorption, and tackiness. Not too firm and not too soft, this grip feels great in the hands, and with the shock absorption at maximum levels, it’s a great option for golfers with arthritic hands.

I have arthritis in my hands. The Winn oversize grip is more ergonomic and provides better function for people with limitations in their hands. The dri-tac is definitely an improvement as the grips do not become spongey when wet.

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All my clubs now have these grips. Theyre fantastic and give great control even in wet weather. Also I have arthritis in my hands now and these grips have helped enormously. Quite a few friends have admired them and have also purchased them. Well worth the money

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8. JumboMax STR8 Tech™ Non-Tapered Grip – $14.99

JumboMax is probably the most well-known brand when it comes to oversized golf grips. The JumboMax STR8 Tech™ Non-Tapered grip is one of their staples. It’s priced higher than most on this list but it’s definitely a luxury grip. The STR8 Tech™ grip is ultra-tacky, shock absorbing, and it’s ergonoical shape allows golfers with arthritic hands to play more and experience less pain.

I have been having a lot of trouble with arthritis in my right hand. Playing golf every day is painful. I am now using the JumboMax XL STR8 grips and they help to make golf easier on my hand. The grip is very large and has no taper at all which makes it easier for my right hand to grip the club.

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I’ve been using Golfpride oversized grips for years. I’ve developed arthritic hands and my hands began to ache during a round. Saw these at PGA store and gave a couple a try. Instant relief. A little pricey, but worth it to me. They fit a little tight on the shaft, and are a real pain to remove, but doable with the right tool. Have used them for 10 rounds…can’t speak to wear. So far so good. They come in multiple sizes…I’m using large. Can’t see any difference in my swing. I’m a bogey golfer.

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9. Lampkin Arthritic Golf Grip – $8.99

Lampkin is one of the stalwarts in the golf grip industry. They have been producing golf grips for nearly 100 years so it’s safe to say they know what their doing. When I saw they came out with a the Lampkin Arthritic golf grip, a grip specifically geared at golfers with arthritic hands, I knew it would be top class.

The Lampkin Arthritic golf grip has a nubbed texture which when combined with its larger size, promotes a much lighter grip pressure and allows players with arthritic hands to comfortably grip their clubs. It promotes reduced hand pressure, in turn leading to less hand pain, which is what we are looking for in this grip.

As someone with arthritic hands, these Lamkin oversized grips enable me to complete 18 holes of golf relatively pain free. Comfortable, supportive, good in wet weather, they really are a quality product especially if you have long fingers. Terrific, highly recommended grip for arthritis sufferers…

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Have been searching a long time for these grips. Love, love, love these grips because they allow me to grip the clubs with just the right pressure to make some great golf shots, without causing me pain in my hands and wrists. I will finally have them on all of my clubs. I am a happy camper. Thanks.

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10. yamato Arthritic Oversize Golf Grips – $39.90 for 13 grips

The yamato Arthritic Oversize golf grips are the most budget friendly option on the list. Don’t let the price fool you, these grips are quality. They share some of the same qualities as some of the other more expensive grips on this list. The yamato Arthritic Oversize grip offers a nubbed texture which promotes lighter grip pressure and enhanced shock absorption which reduces the pain while hitting shots. These grips were designed specifically for the golfers playing with arthritic hands. If you’re on a budget, they are worth a try coming in at a little over $3 per grip!

Amazing Grips For For Arthritis Sufferers. They Are A Bit Complicated To Put On With 3 Layers Of Tape, But Well Worth The Effort. Love The Feel & The Lack Of Pain In My Wrists Post Round.

Reviewed on

My husband put new grips on for me, in less than an hour he got the whole set done. Love the oversized grips for my arthritic hands.

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Final Thoughts

Playing golf with arthritis in the hands can take the fun out of the game in a hurry. The oversized/jumbo grips that are coming in to the market are a game changer for golfers with arthritic hands. The ten grips I’ve listed above are some of the best on the market when it comes to arthritis. I know each golfer is different so instead of going to buy an entire set, buy one and see how you like it. I’m confident you will eventually come across one that is optimal for your specific situation. Best of luck!


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