Best YouTube Golf Channels (Ranked)

I’ve already ranked the Best YouTube Golfers and Best YouTube Golf Instructors, so it’s only fitting I complete the trifecta by ranking the Best YouTube Golf Channels. My criteria for ranking the channels will be straightforward. It’s all about entertainment value. These are the channels that have us setting up notifications on YouTube so we can be alerted as soon as a new video drops. Some of the channels on this list are putting out some insanely epic content at the moment.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the 10 Best YouTube Golf Channels.

1. GM Golf

GM Golf, aka Garrett Clark, has the best YouTube golf channel going at the moment. At the beginning of this year, he would’ve been in my top five, but wouldn’t have been number one. However, in the last six months, the guy has produced some absolutely epic content. Whether it’s he and Grant Horvat challenging some of the best collegiate golfers in the country in 2v2 matches or the recent “California Long Drive” series where he and Grant road-tripped from NorCal to SoCal playing some of the best golf courses California has to offer, the quality of the content on his channel is simply the best on golf YouTube right now.

2. Rick Shiels Golf

Coming in a close second is, the most popular YouTube golf channel out there, Rick Shiels Golf. I went back and forth between Rick and GM Golf for the number one spot as they are both worthy of the crown. Rick’s content is “En Fuego” as former SportsCenter anchor Dan Patrick liked to say. Seriously, the “Break 75” series he’s produced the last couple of years is top notch. The venues he takes on for the series are some of the most legendary courses in the world. We’re talking courses like Royal Liverpool and St. Andrews! I’m not one to sit through videos longer than 10-15 minutes normally, but when Rick started the “Break 75” series, I found myself consistently sitting through 30-40 minute videos. The quality of the content is that good. It helps Rick’s a natural on camera and when he’s not playing his best, his self deprecating humor always gives me a laugh.

3. Good Good

The boys from Good Good round out the top three. If you’re familiar with the number one channel on this list, then you’re obviously familiar with Good Good. Garrett Clark is one of the original founding members of Good Good and a big reason for the success of the brand. Stephen Castaneda, Matt Scharff, Bubbie Golf, Micah Morris, and Grant Horvat round out the crew and all play vital roles in the success as well. The content has really taken off since the addition of Grant. It’s worth pointing out that Micah may be leaving Good Good as there has been some uncertainty about his future after being conspicuously absent in the last Good Good major. Losing Micah would be huge. Nontheless, the content coming from this channel is always entertaining and fun. The recent “Good Good Major UK” video starring Rick Shiels was a 3 hour masterpiece. Highly recommend it!

4. Bryson DeChambeau

Bryson is a relative newcomer to the YouTube scene. He started consistently pumping out content about 18 months ago. As you would expect from someone like Bryson DeChambeau, the content is quite interesting. He’s made some excellent instructional videos teaching us how he swings the golf club and how he putts. I’ve watched the putting video multiple times as the green reading tips he provides are super helpful. *Hint – It’s all about finding the straight uphill putt! More recently, he’s done a ton of collabs with the likes of Good Good, Kyle Berkshire, and Bob Does Sports. He recently released a video playing a round golf with Chris Pratt, which was unbelievable. I’ve probably never clicked on a video so fast, as I’m a huge Chris Pratt fan! You can tell he’s putting a real effort into building up his channel which is extremely exciting! With his reduced schedule on the LIV Golf Tour, I expect to see the amount of content increase on his channel going forward.

5. Peter Finch Golf

Peter Finch runs another great Youtube golf channel. He’s good buddies with Rick Shiels and their channels are fairly similar, which is not a bad thing. Like Rick, the quality of Peter’s content has continued to go up in the last couple years. A number of pro golfers have been featured on his channel including Billy Horshel, Danny Willet, and Rafa Cabrea-Bello. These videos are always fun and full of hilarious banter back and forth. His “Quest for the Open” video series is probably my favorite content on his channel. The challenges are fun, but there is nothing like when these guys get a little more serious and start playing tournament golf. He didn’t qualify for the Open Championship in 2022, but his game has improved and is certainly trending in the right direction. I’ll end this by recommending any course vlog you come across that involves Pete with Matt Fryer. These two together are pure gold. Matt’s dry sense of humor is legendary.

6. Bob Does Sports

Bob Does Sports is probably the fastest growing YouTube golf channel at the moment. They released their first video only 11 months ago and are already up to 268K subscribers. If you want to have a good laugh and be entertained, checking out this channel is a must. What started off as a twosome, which included Bobby Fairways and Joey Coldcuts, has recently expanded to a threesome with the addition of Fat Perez. The channel initially started rising in the ranks due to videos featuring Bobby Fairways at PGA Tour events heckling players. The heckling is light, as it is a golf tournament after all, but still hilarious. Some of the PGA players know him by name at this point and are usually happy to see him. As the channel grew, the boys started putting out matches between Bobby Fairways and Joey Coldcuts. With the addition of Fat Perez, who is a much better player than the other two, the matches now features Bobby and Coldcuts as a team versus Perez. They’ve also done some epic challenges on the course including Bobby/Coldcuts finishing 18 beers in 9 holes and taking on the “Hot Ones” hot sauce challenge, while trying to break par.

7. Bryan Bros Golf

The channel run by the best YouTube golfer, George Bryan, is up next. One thing can be assured when watching this channel, and that’s quality golf will be played. George is a great player, and the other players featured on the channel are usually great players as well. I’ve mentioned a lot of the channels on this list have been elevating the level of their content, and the Bryan Bros Golf channel is no exception. George is routinely collabing with some of the best golfers on the platform including Micah Morris, Zac Radford, and Andrew Jensen. I will say the head to head matches with his brother, Wesley Bryan, who is a PGA Tour winner, are my absolute favorite. The banter between the two is always fun and the golf is usually tremendous. In addition, George made it through local US Open qualifying this year and documented his journey, which was really cool to see. He also documented his attempt at qualifying for The Open Championship. George is the real deal, and his channel is definitely worth checking out!

8. Golf Sidekick

The king of the single camera course vlog, Golf Sidekick is next on the list. Matt runs the channel and to be what looks like a one man operation, his videos are absolute quality. He’s based in Thailand and I always enjoy checking out the courses over there and in that region in general. The mission of the Golf Sidekick channel is to get all of us hacks playing better golf. He provides great tips, especially when it comes to course management, that everyday golfers can relate to. There are tons of videos on his channel that focus on achieving milestones in golf such as breaking 100, 90, 80, etc. Matt provides a level of detail in these videos that you won’t find anywhere else on YouTube. My favorite part of his channel is the course vlogs, which I mentioned at the start. He likely spends a good amount of time editing these videos as I almost feel like I’m watching a PGA tour event. If you haven’t already, go check out Golf Sidekick!

9. Not A Scratch Golfer

Not A Scratch Golfer is a relatively new channel, existing for around 18 months, but is already one of my favorites. The channel is run by Adam, who you may have guessed, is not a scratch golfer. He’s around a 7-8 handicap at last check. His channel mostly showcases course vlogs. He doesn’t do much talking while he’s playing as he adds his hole by hole commentary after the round, while editing the video. This epicness of the content isn’t up there with the likes of a GM Golf or Rick Shiels, but it doesn’t have to be. He’s a one man operation, and does a good job documenting his rounds for our viewing pleasure. Adam is probably the most relatable golfer on this list. He’s small in stature and doesn’t hit it far. He also doesn’t have an aesthetically pleasing golf swing. However, he usually gets his ball around the course nicely, shooting in the high 70s or low 80s, which is amazing to watch! He has a nice short game and preaches playing within yourself. You’ll have no choice but to play a smarter brand of golf after watching the Not A Scratch Golfer channel.

10. Stacked Golf

Rounding out the list, we have a different type of YouTube golf channel. Stacked Golf is a channel that focuses on going on golf club treasure hunts at flea markets and thrift stores. The more vintage the find, the better. Jon and Ashley are the married couple that runs the channel. It took me a while to click on one of their videos, but I’m glad I did. They are extremely knowledgable about golf clubs, and as you would expect from a married couple, they have a good chemistry on camera. Ashley always has a dad joke ready to go, which always make me laugh. Some of their golf club finds are absolutely ridiculous. It will make you want to go to your local thrifts and start hunting yourself. Jon and Ashley will occasionally take us out to the golf course with them to try out the new clubs. They are actually decent golfers, especially Jon. If you need a break from the normal YouTube golf content, Stacked Golf is a good channel to check out.

Final Thoughts

The ten channels listed above are the best YouTube golf channels on the platform, in my opinion. I watch and enjoy every single one of these channels. The quality of the golf content is through the roof and so is the entertainment value. If you have some free time, do yourself a favor and check some of them out. You won’t be disappointed.


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