Best YouTube Golf Instructors (Ranked)

If you’re a golfer like me, you’re always online searching for the next great golf tip that could change your game. Fortunately for us, YouTube is something like a golfers paradise when it comes to golf instruction content. Regardless of your swing problem, someone has likely made a video to address it. There could be 50 videos addressing it, depending on the problem.

With that kind of volume, it can be hard to determine which videos you should watch and what golf instructors you can trust. This is where I can help. I’ve been watching YouTube golf instruction for the last 15 years. With the number of hours I’ve spent watching golf instruction videos on YouTube, you would think I would be on the PGA Tour by now! Sadly, this is not the case but I’ve become an expert when it comes to identifying the best golf instructors on the platform.

Keep reading to find out my Top 10 Best YouTube Golf Instructors.

1. Milo Lines (Milo Lines Golf)

Milo Lines takes the number 1 spot in my rankings. A relative newcomer to the scene, Milo has quickly proven to be one of the best instructors in the industry. He’s a protege of another member on this list, Mike Malaska. Although he and Mike worked together, their philosophies differ greatly. Mike likes to allow the momentum of the club to guide the swing while Milo teaches a body driven swing.

What makes Milo (and Mike as well) such a great coach is more about how he teaches the swing versus the swing philosophy itself (although good). His ultimate goal is to have his students “swing like an athlete”. He’s great at demonstrating athletic motions from other sports and tying them back into how to swing the golf club. Milo is also great at taking complex aspects of the golf swing and breaking them down into terms we all can understand. This is an invaluable attribute when teaching someone how to swing a golf club. Milo is an excellent coach and in my opinion, the best on YouTube!

2. Shawn Clement (Wisdom in Golf)

At number 2, we have the guy who I’ve watched the most over the years, Shawn Clement. Shawn has been providing his wisdom in golf to us since 2006. He has over 1000 videos on the platform! His teaching style is truly one of a kind. He rarely, if ever, focuses on technical positions in the golf swing. Instead, he’ll relate the swing to every day motions we all perform.

For example, to demonstrate the backswing motion, he’ll heave an axe into the air as if about to chop down a tree. My favorite example he’s provided over the years was for starting the downswing. He had us imagine pushing a child in a swing. You wouldn’t push the child at their highest point but instead let them fall a little, and then add the force. This was a light bulb moment for me. There are countless other examples he provides for all aspects of the swing. Shawn has a brilliant mind for golf and is must see TV if you’re goal is to improve your swing.

3. Mike Malaska (Malaska Golf)

Next up, we have another legend in the teaching industry, Mike Malaska. Mike brings a wealth of knowledge to the table when it comes to golf swing fundamentals. Like the first two instructors I’ve talked about, Mike loves to relate the golf swing to other sports, like baseball and tennis, to help students gain a better understanding. He keeps it simple which is paramount in my opinion.

Mike is probably most famous for his “L to L” swing drill. This drill is the foundation for the swing he teaches. The swing he teaches is less about body rotation and more about allowing the momentum of the club do the work. “Tipping” the club out at the start of the downswing is the key move in his swing philosophy. This moves prevents the club from getting “stuck” behind you which is a common occurrence amongst us amateur golfers. The swing is great for older golfers but also for any golfer who wants to put less strain on their body. I’ve tried the swing and had some good results.

4. Chris Ryan (Chris Ryan Golf)

The most popular channel on this list belongs to Chris Ryan. He’s amassed more than 350K YouTube subscribers and rightfully so. Chris produces some of the best instructional content on the platform. He doesn’t teach a certain swing method per say. Instead, he’ll typically focus on individual aspects of the swing in his videos. He’s definitely a more classical swinger of the golf club and it comes through in his teaching. Very clean lines throughout his swing.

Chris is another who keeps it simple in his teaching. He made a video two years ago about achieving the perfect backswing in three steps which was a game changer for me. The way he broke down the three steps was so simple yet effective. I’d never seen any other instructor teach the backswing this way. Chris is also very quick to the point in his videos, which is also appreciated.

5. Alex Fortey (The Art of Simple Golf)

As the title of his YouTube channel suggests, Alex focuses on keeping the golf swing as simple as possible. What I love most about Alex’s teaching is he’s not afraid to take chances. He’s always searching for ways to make us better. He tests out theories in his own swing and if he has success, he’ll pass it along to us. This is regardless of whether it’s the popular opinion or not.

Alex is also not afraid to collaborate with other instructors in his videos. He’s featured Milo Lines and Shawn Clement on his channel previously. Again, whatever it takes to make US better. No ego involved.

His videos about the short backswing swing are favorites of mine. For the last few years, I’ve wanted to shorten my backswing significantly but could never find any videos on YouTube which focused on this. That was until I came across Alex’s channel. He has a couple highly detailed videos in which he lays out the blueprint to achieving a short, powerful golf swing. I can’t recommend his channel enough.

6. Tom Saguto (Saguto Golf)

Definitely the funniest instructor on this list, Tom Saguto comes in at number 6. Tom has a great sense of humor and it shows in his videos. He blends humor with great golf instruction which makes for enjoyable viewing. His teaching is based mostly off the Stack and Tilt methodology. It’s a very body driven swing. He’s probably best known for his tips on ball striking. In his words, he wants his students to hit it “Crispier than KFC”. Gotta love that!

7. George Gankas (GG Swing Tips)

The most well known “golf instructor” on this list has to be George Gankas. He’s gained a ton of notoriety over the last few years due to the success of his star pupil, Matt Wolff. George teaches a more rotational golf swing. With his swing method, there should be very little clubface manipulation at impact as it should square up naturally due to body rotation. It’s a solid method, especially for the younger, more nimble crowd, who can produce the desired body rotation.

A couple things to note about his channel. George is a quick talker so definitely pay close attention while watching his videos. Also, he tends to talk about swing positions using the P classification system (P1, P2, P3, etc) so it’s helpful to know that lingo when watching. His channel isn’t the most organized (playlists) so you’ll kind of have to go in and pick and choose what to watch based on titles. Regardless of the video selected, George is almost guaranteed to drop in a golden nugget that can help your swing.

8. Padraig Harrington

The newest kid on the YouTube golf instruction block is non other than the three time major champion, Padraig Harringon. I was a bit skeptical when I initially came across his channel but I quickly became a believer. Padraig is actually a great teacher! Great players often times struggle when it comes to teaching others but not Padraig. He doesn’t focus on a certain swing type but more so the fundamentals of the golf swing.

A couple of my favorite videos from him discuss how the wrists should be used in the swing. Most instructors want very minimal wrist activity throughout the swing. Padraig is on the other side of the argument. He would like for more active wrists throughout the swing as this is what produces power and squares the club face, in his opinion. Very interesting stuff. It’s always great when we can tap into the mind of a world class player.

9. Todd Kolb (US Golf TV)

It doesn’t take long when watching a video on the US Golf TV channel to realize Todd Kolb is the real deal. Todd brings over 25 years of teaching experience to the channel and it shows in the great content he produces. Extremely knowledgable guy. He has a great simplified way of breaking down even the most complex aspects of the golf swing.

He’s recently put out a swing system titled the “Vertical Line Swing” where the backswing is more up and down versus around the body. It’s an interesting way to swing the club. The intended audience is for older players or players who may lack the ability to produce a huge turn in the backswing. I’d take it a step further and say it’s for anyone who wants a simplified, body friendly approach to swinging the club. Highly recommend giving it a try!

10. Adam Porzak (Porzak Golf)

Rounding out my Top 10 is Adam Porzak of Porzak Golf. Adam only launched his channel in 2020 but is already nearing 30K subscribers. His style reminds me of George Gankas a bit. There is a certain confidence he has when speaking which is similar to Gankas. Adam works with a lot of the good, young amateur players in the state of California and often has them in his videos. Here, you receive a first hand glimpse at what a lesson would be like with him. I’ll admit, he’s good at what he does!

His putting videos are some of my favorites. From green reading to the fundamentals of the putting storke, it’s all broken down in clear, concise steps ready for consumption. I’ve recently implemented some of his putting tips and can say I’ve seen a noticeable improvement. The Porzak Golf channel is definitely worth checking out.

Final Thoughts

This concludes the list of my Top 10 Best Youtube Golf Instructors. These are some of the best in the business. I’ve spent countless hours watching all of these instructors and highly recommend them all. The list includes a great variety of teaching styles and methods which hopefully allows you to mesh well with at least one. Good luck!


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