Best YouTube Golfers (Ranked)

Golf YouTube has absolutely exploded over the last couple years. With this explosion has come a ton of new golfers who are producing amazing content. The days of golfers using the platform mainly to post trick shot videos has come and gone. These guys and gals are travelling around the country (and world!) to play matches against each other and they are recording every shot along the way.

The crazy amount of content being produced has allowed us fans to get a pretty good understanding of each players skill level. With that being said, the time has come to assemble a Top 30 list of the best YouTube golfers! I’ll be focusing on the more popular YouTube golfers hence some bad players will be on the list towards the end.

This list will not include PGA Tour or Korn Ferry players. Adding them to the mix would take some of the fun out as we know they are all elite and would be at the top of the rankings. I want to focus on golfers who I know, or at least think, do YouTube golf full-time.

So who will take the top spot? Keep scrolling to find out.

1. George Bryan IV

George is an absolute stud. His swing may be the most fundamentally sound in all of YouTube Golf. The width he creates throughout the swing is something I think even his PGA Tour brother Wesley envies. Simply put, he’s a ball striking machine. And as you would expect, he hits a ton of fairways and greens. When he does find himself off the green, his short game can usually get him out of trouble. If I had to rate the weakest part of his game, I’d go with putting as it can run cold from time to time. However, it’s still above average in the grand scheme of things. George takes the top spot!

2. Micah Morris

Micah comes in at number 2 on the list. When his game is on, he can probably shoot the lowest round of anyone on this list. A perfect example was the bogey free, 7 under par round he shot earlier this year to win his first tournament as a pro. Absurd length off the tee and throughout the bag. At times, he plays too conservative off the tee for my liking. I’d like to see more drivers versus the 2 iron. Short game is the weaker part of his game. Once it elevates to the level of his tee to green game, he’ll have a good chance of moving to the top of this list.

3. Zac Radford

This is where it began to get a bit dicey for me. The guys making up 3-9 in the list are all pretty close for me. Zach landed here at number 3. At the time of writing this, he’s on a nice heater. Recently, he posted a 66 which included 7 birds and an eagle. Very solid game in all phases. Not nearly as long off the tee as some of the other guys on this list but definitely one of the most consistent. Gotta show the “King of the Stinger” some love.

4. James Wiltshire

James has one of the smoothest swing on the YouTube. He previously took a long hiatus from posting golf content but has come back within the last few years with a renewed focus. His game was always good but now it’s even better as he’s taking on mini tours across the world. He previously dabbled in long drive competitions so he can mash it off the tee when he wants. He plays a more conservative style off the tee as he won’t hesitate to take an iron to get it in play. Putting has seen a big improvement since he’s started using the Aim Point method. An overall consistency is what lands him in the #4 spot.

5. Peter Finch

Mr. Finch comes in at #5. A few years ago, he wouldn’t even be in the top 10 but he’s made a concerted effort to improve his game and it shows. A really good driver off the golf ball. Long and straight. Solid with the irons. Putter can be hot and cold for sure. Overall, he has a nice, compact motion which is really repeatable. Recent results includes a -3 at St. Andrews!

6. Grant Horvat

Speaking of consistency, meet Mr. Consistent, Grant Horvat. The newest member of Good Good, Grant has been an outstanding addition. He has an effortless action that produces solid strike after solid strike. Hits a ton of greens. The putter is the Achilles heel. By far the weakest part of his game. His lip-outs are famous at this point. He and Garrett aka GM Golf are a toss up for me at the moment but Grant gets the nod in this inaugural ranking.

7. GM Golf aka Garrett Clark

By far one of the most talented guys on this list. Garrett is further down on the list than he probably should be. The main concern with his game at the moment has to be the driver. When it’s good, it’s great! But when it’s bad, it can get ugly. He is plagued with a snap hook at times that can really derail his promising rounds. Kudos to him as he may hit the best recovery shots out of anyone on the list. He has a great pair of hands as one would expect from a guy that rose up in the ranks doing trick shots. Elite chipper of the golf ball. Just filthy around the greens. Putter could use some work. He’s also mentioned he struggles to read greens at times. If he ever has time to work out the driver issue, he’ll be challenging for a top 3 spot.

8. Mason – Busta Jack

Mason has recently burst onto the scene as one half of Busta Jack. He has the slight edge on his partner, Cole, who we’ll discuss later. Standing at 6’6″, Mason can bomb it. Also hits a ton of greens which is a common theme amongst a lot of these guys. He hits a sweeping draw on most shots which is fine when the game is finely tuned but could be trouble if his swing gets slightly out of sync. Good but not spectacular with the flat stick. Don’t see a lot of 3-putts from him. Saw in an interview that his handicap last year was at a ridiculous +6.5 due to some heater he went on at his home course. I don’t know about that but he’s definitely a scratch level golfer.

9. Andrew Jensen

Andrew Jensen comes in at number 9. Not a bomber like some of the guys on the list but gets it out there plenty far enough. Plays a nice and tidy game. “Boring” if you will with a lot of fairways and greens. Recently had a child so game is not as sharp as it could be but he’s usually always hovering right around par. Representing us “older” guys who have a little grey in the beard.

10. Alex Etches – GolfBox TV

Rounding out the top 10 will be the first surprise on the list for many of you. Alex has a great channel which focuses mainly on product reviews. I’ve only come across maybe 3 or 4 course vlogs on his channel but that was enough to reach my conclusion about his game. He has a great sense of humor that shines bright in his videos but don’t let him fool you. He’s can absolutely golf his ball. Can absolutely stripe it from tee to green. In one of his course vlogs, he shot -5 for 9 holes. So the game is there. Hopefully, we get more playing rounds from him in the future to even further validate this ranking!

11. Fat Perez – Bob Does Sports

The newest member of the Bob Does Sports family. This guy can golf his ball. The skills are always on full display whether it’s in one of the crazy Bob Does Sports challenges or in the more recent 1v1 matches the channel has put out lately. This may actually be too low of a ranking for him. But for now, this is where he will reside. The overall game is solid. Finds tons of fairways, nice with a wedge in hand and can absolutely roll the rock. Arguably the best part of his game is the Euro step he takes after making a big putt!

12. Cole – Busta Jack

The other half of Busta Jack, Cole has a nice rhythmic swing. Very appealing to the eye. Another guy who doesn’t bomb it but consistently puts it in play. His swing produces a lot straight shots which is always nice. The putting is what has him this far down on the list for me. From what I’ve seen, it’s inconsistent. I’ve seen a few more shorties missed than I would’ve liked. Nonetheless, when his game is on, he can go toe to toe with Mason.

13. Luke Peavy

Another up and coming player is non other than the “Sandbagger” himself, Luke Peavy. I found his channel earlier this year and it instantly became one of my favorites. He put out a rankings video not long ago that served as some of the inspiration for this post. I was skeptical of his game at first but the more I watched, the more I became a fan of it. The swing is solid. He’s on the smaller side when it comes to size so he’s not out there hitting nukes off the tee but his distance is just fine. Where he excels is around and on the greens. Phenomenal short game. I’ve watched him get up and down from some unbelievable spots.

14. Matt Fryer

Matt is a gem. One of my favorite Golf YouTube channels. He and Peter Finch together in a video is absolute comedy. In regards to his game, he’s one of the shorter hitters on this list. His best attribute is probably his ability scramble. You won’t be blown away by his game but by the end of the round, he’s usually shot a good number. The driver has haunted him in the past but seems to be straightened out at the moment. He’s had recent matches with George Bryan and James Wiltshire and held his own. Kind of surprised me if I’m being honest. Best dry sense of humor in YouTube Golf.

15. Mr. ShortGame

Next up, we have Mr. Shortgame. He recently turned 50 so he’s probably the oldest guy on the list. He also looks to be one of the fittest. Respect. Very similar game to Luke Peavy. Smaller in stature but an excellent short game, hence the name. He’s made some recent swing changes which has thrown his swing off just a bit. He’s been hooking the ball more than usual due to the changes. As he gets used to the swing change, I expect the game to continue to improve. It will have to as he has a goal of qualifying for a Champions Tour event in the near future.

16. Hogan Molthan

Hogan Molthan comes in at the 16th spot. I had trouble figuring out where to slot him. The guy has enormous talent. He actually stepped away from the game for a while but has sense returned and the birdies are still chirping. The driver can be all over the place for him at times but when it’s on, he hits some absolute taters. I’m not sure how seriously he’s taking golf these days but he’s still shooting around par or under par in some cases. If he does decide to rededicate himself to the game, watch out.

17. Rick Shiels

The biggest YouTube Golfer in the world comes in at number 17. Rick may be the king of running hot and cold. His “Break 75” series can attest to that. He’s put out some really good rounds and some absolute shocking ones this year. To be fair, he’s playing at some of the best and toughest courses in the UK. However, he’s been plagued with a big draw/hook that puts him in some horrible predicaments. Also, I wouldn’t say he has the chipping yips but it’s not good. Luckily for him, he can putt a long way off the green at some of the courses he plays. Again, to be fair, he’s probably the busiest man on this list with the insane amount of travel he does along with raising a family. I’m guessing there is not a ton of time to work on the game.

18. Matt – Golf Sidekick

Next up is the “Playa” himself. Golf Sidekick has always been one of my favorite channels. Matt is hilarious. Plus, he’s a damn good golfer. Don’t let the cool shirts and the bucket hat fool you. I believe he is down to a 2 handicap at this point and the quality of golf he’s been playing validates it. The best part of his game is probably the 2 iron off the tee. He flicks it out there effortlessly with that club. He can get in trouble with the driver at times. Runs a bit hot and cold with it (like many of us). Also, he’s been known to make some questionable course management decisions in the past but that issue seems to be cleaned up for the most part. With the work he’s putting into his game, he’ll likely be scratch in the next couple years.

19. Lurch – Fore Play Golf

Next up, we have one of the original members of the Fore Play Golf Podcast. First thing that comes to mind about Lurch is he can move it out there a good ways. Some impressive ball speed. It’s hard to get a good impression on how good Lurch could be by watching the Fore Play Golf videos. They are usually always team events and feature PGA pros, etc. Not the ideal scenario for playing your best golf. He’s definitely had impressive runs though. His official USGA handicap is sitting at 3.6 at the moment. That’s a shocker for me. I saw he posted a recent 73 on his Instagram recently as well. Lurch appears to have some serious game when he can relax and just play.

20. Adam – Not a Scratch Golfer

Probably the shortest hitter to make the list. Adam swings “his swing” and gets the ball around the course surprisingly well. The ultimate keep it in play guy. He has no ego while on the course and will hit whatever club is required regardless of distance. He’s a great putter. One of the best on this list. Watching him swing, you wouldn’t think he’s a 7 handicap. But he certainly is and has the scores to back it up. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!

21. Liam – Golfmates

Another delightful channel. I always enjoy the banter between Liam and his guests. Liam’s game will not jump out and bite you. Swing isn’t the most aesthetic to look at as it’s a bit of an over the top move. But it gets the job done! He keeps it in play for the most part and has a solid short game. Last I checked, he came in at an 8 handicap. Very respectable.

22. Matt Scharff

Coming in at number 22, we have the most entertaining member of the Good Good family, Matt Scharff. I hate to have Matt down this far in the rankings but at this point in time, it’s necessary. He’s been going through a swing change and it’s showing on camera. A swing change is never easy but I couldn’t imagine doing it while still having to film Good Good content. Not a lot of time to get comfortable. I’m sure once Matt gets the swing change dialed in, he’ll be back to making hole-in-ones on Par 4’s.

23. Bryce Butler

Former NFL player turned Golf YouTuber, Bryce Butler comes in at number 23. For someone who didn’t pick up the game until around 2015, it’s quite impressive he’s already a 7 handicap. Watching him play, the swing isn’t bad. He tends to be a picker with the irons but it works out just fine. On the greens, the lag putting has room for improvement. He leaves himself more work than he would like after the first putt but to be fair, he knocks in his fair share of 4-6 footers for par/bogey saves. I heard in an interview he likes to grind so I have no doubt he’ll continue to chip away at that handicap as time goes by.

24. Riggs – Fore Play Golf

Probably the most recognizable member of the Fore Play Golf Podcast guys. Riggs claims to be a 5 handicap. It “could” be true based on what we discussed earlier regarding Lurch and playing in a relaxed environment. However, I can’t elevate him any higher in the rankings until I see it with my own eyes. At least with Lurch, I could see a window into possibly shooting some good scores. It’s not quite the same with Riggs. It’s hard to feel confident about that swing and the results it’s produced on camera.

25. Bubbie Golf

Next on the list, we have another member of the Good Good crew, Bubbie Golf. It’s hard not to love this guy. Seems like a genuinely nice dude. On the golf course, the driver and short game are the pain points for Bubbie. He’s out of play a lot off the tee which is just a killer. Just can’t keep the driver straight. It’s usually either a dead pull or a big slice. Definitely an over the top action he’s working with. The chipping and putting are also suspect for our guy. Lots of 3-putts. It’s just not good. He’ll have brilliant flashes at times but can’t maintain it.

26. Joey Cold Cuts – Bob Does Sports

We’ve come to another piece of the Bob Does Sports crew. His game is hard to gauge. At times, he’s out there hitting nukes and holing putts. And a other times, he’s struggling to get the ball off the ground. Very inconsistent. Does nervousness play a role as he’s relatively new to playing golf on camera? Probably. He does have some attributes to become a good player though. We’ll have to continue watching to see which way the game starts to trend.

27. Frankie – Fore Play Golf

We’ve come to our third member of the Fore Play Golf Podcast. I believe his official USGA handicap is around 6-7. Based on what I’ve watched, it doesn’t look like it. He looks more like a 10-12 to me. The swing isn’t bad although I’ve seen some horrific shots from him. He’s also shaky on the greens like a lot of guys towards the bottom of the list.

28. Stephen Castaneda

The final member of the Good Good crew. If I’m not mistaken, he’s been playing golf for the shortest amount of time amongst everyone. He’s another that runs super hot and then ice cold. I think he’s actually shot a +1 over 9 holes so he’s a capable player. I can see the work he’s put into his game over the last year or two paying off. Especially with the driver as it has become a lot more consistent. I see a lot of fairways being hit in the Good Good challenges, majors, etc. The iron game remains a weakness for him that must be addressed as well as the short game.

29. Bobby Fairways – Bob Does Sports

One of my absolute favorites. Bob is a peach. The heckling at the PGA Tour events is hilarious. The golf game…it could use some serious work. All aspects of the game are weaknesses at this point. Can probably break 100 but not 90.

30. Trent – Fore Play Golf

The final member of the Fore Play Golf Podcast will round out these rankings. If you’re coming in at number 30, we know the game can’t be good. One thing about Trent, he’s putting in the work to get better. He recently broke 100 and is now on a quest to break 90. When/if that happens, it will be one hell of an accomplishment considering where he started from.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. My inaugural Top 30 ranking of the best well known YouTube golfers is in the books. These rankings are fluid and will be updated on a regular basis based on how the guys are playing. Again, I’m trying to keep the “pros” out of the list so no Bryson, Wesley Bryan, Luke Kwon, Genevieve Ling, etc…

I don’t watch every single golf YouTuber out there so if you think someone else should be included on the list, shoot me a message.


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