Did Micah Morris Leave Good Good? (UPDATED)

Micah Morris is one of the most popular golf content creators on YouTube. He rose to prominence as a member of Good Good, but lately, he’s been missing in action when Good Good videos. This, combined with Luke Kwon now featuring prominently within Good Good, has caused concern for many fans. Did Micah Morris actually leave Good Good?

Yes, Micah Morris has officially announced he’s left Good Good. On November 23, 2022, Micah released a video titled “The Truth About Me & GoodGood in which he acknowledges departing the group. In the video, Micah acknowledges that he and the group had different visions and ultimately grew apart.

Keep reading to learn more about why Micah would leave Good Good as well as a glance into his personal life.

Who Is Micah Morris?

Micah was born on March 3rd, 1995 which makes him 27 years old at the time of writing. He grew up on a farm in central Oklahoma and didn’t begin playing golf until his senior year of high school. Micah has stated he never had an interest in the game. It wasn’t until his cousin Garrett Clark, aka GM Golf, started playing that Micah decided to give golf a go. He took to the game very quickly and would spend all of his free time on the weekends and after work practicing and playing. He did this for about two years.

At this point, Micah’s game had improved to a point where he wanted to see how far he could go. Unfortunately, he didn’t know exactly how to proceed. So one day out of the blue, he called his uncle (Garrett’s dad) and asked what his cousins were up to. His uncle informed him they were out of town to play a scramble the following day. He then asked Micah if he’d like to play with them. Micah agreed to and proceeded to get on the road and make the 9.5-hour road trip to Missouri. Micah played and had a good time. After spending a couple of days with his cousins, he then drove back to his home in Oklahoma.

What happens next in Micah’s story is pretty cool. I’m not sure what type of scramble tournament they played in, but the field must’ve been strong enough to attract college coaches. Within two weeks of returning home, Micah received calls from two college golf coaches offering him scholarships. He eventually accepted one of the scholarship offers from a community college in Kansas City. This was in the fall of 2015. He would redshirt his first year and then go on to have two really good seasons. Believe it or not, this was his first exposure to competitive golf.

Shortly after his collegiate golf experience wrapped up in 2017, he met his future wife Katie. They moved to Frisco, Texas where Micah got a job at Stonebriar Country Club. Micah and Katie would tie the knot in September 2018. Unfortunately, shortly after this, Micah was forced to take a break from golf as he broke his foot. Around this time is when Micah created his YouTube channel and posted his first video.

It would be another two years before he posted anything else to this channel. However, during this time he was making a ton of content with his cousin Garrett on the channel “GM Golf” which stood for Garrett/Micah Golf. They would play these epic Sunday matches that generated tons of views. By 2020, Garrett, Micah, and a few other popular Golf YouTubers formed Good Good golf and started posting content regularly. The rest is history as Good Good blew up and now has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube. I personally ranked Good Good as the Best YouTube Golf Channel. Micah did eventually end up posting videos consistently to his YouTube channel and has built up a nice following there as well with 355K subscribers.

Why Would Micah Leave Good Good?

This is an interesting question. Why would someone leave Good Good when they are at the top of YouTube Golf? Well, if you’ve followed Micah throughout his YouTube journey, this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Micah is a little older than the rest of the guys, and he’s at a different point in his life with different aspirations. He put out a video about a year ago stating he’d be attempting to play professional golf. This should’ve been clue one. Matter of fact, all the way back in the first video he posted in 2018, he mentioned professional golf was his goal. Micah has a tremendous amount of talent, and he’d like to see how far he can go with it.

In his most recent video, he did a speed training session with Kyle Berkshire. In this video, Micah mentioned he planned to compete in Long Drive competitions in the upcoming year. With everything he’s trying to pursue in his career, I don’t think he would have enough time to dedicate to Good Good. Let’s not forget he’s a married man as well! And a coffee business owner! I’m sure it’s super important for him to keep some kind of work-life balance. It’s a lot easier for some of the other group members to get up and go on a whim as none of them are married. Although Grant and Matty did both get engaged recently so all the best to them.

At the end of the day, it’s important for Micah to be happy. In my personal opinion, he looked stressed in many of the Good Good videos I would watch. I could be totally off base, but he seems happier in the recent videos he’s released on his channel.

About a month ago, Micah posted “The Teebox Classic” golf tournament on his YouTube channel. The tournament was comprised of two-person teams which included the likes of Claire Hogel, George Bryan and, Bob from Bob Does Sports. The tournament was broken down into three videos and all were posted to Micah’s channel. The videos did well so don’t be surprised to see more content like this from Micah in the future.

Final Thoughts

Micah ultimately made the decision to step away from Good Good. This is a shame as everyone loves “Tig”. Losing him is a big loss for the group and the fans. Hopefully, there is no bad blood between him and the boys (especially his cousin Garrett). Luke Kwon looked like a potential replacement prior to his accident as he appeared in a bunch of videos during the recent Good Good Cup. We’ll see how that plays out after Luke is fully recovered. As far as Micah, he looks to be going all-in on his personal YouTube channel so we’ll still be able to follow his journey there. Best of luck to everyone involved!


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