Dustin Johnson Stock Yardages in 2023

Dustin Johnson has notoriously been one of the longest hitters in professional golf. Whether it was the many years spent on the PGA Tour or more recently on the LIV Golf Tour, Johnson has always hit his clubs further than most of his fellow competitors. Exactly how far does he hit his clubs on average?

Dustin Johnson’s stock yardages are as follows: Driver: 312 yds, 3-Wood: 282 yds, 5-Wood: 267 yds, 2-Iron: 261 yds, 7-Wood: 255 yds, 3-Iron: 250 yds, 9-Wood: 245 yds, 4-Iron: 236 yds, 5-Iron: 225 yds, 6-Iron: 212 yds, 7-Iron: 200 yds, 8-Iron: 186 yds, 9-Iron: 172 yds, Pitching Wedge: 158 yds, Sand Wedge (52°): 135 yds, Lob Wedge (60°): 118 yds.

These numbers are all the more impressive as the stock yardage is based on the carry distance only. So this is how far he hits his clubs on the fly, without any roll.

Keep reading to find out what golf clubs and ball DJ uses to achieve these unreal stock yardages.

What’s In Dustin Johnson’s Bag?

As of June 2022, Dustin Johnson had the following clubs in the bag.

  • Driver: TaylorMade Stealth Plus (10.5 degrees)
  • 3-Wood: TaylorMade Stealth HL (16.5 degrees)
  • 7-Wood: TaylorMade Stealth (21 degrees)
  • 9-wood: TaylorMade Stealth (24 degrees)
  • Irons: TaylorMade P730 DJ Proto (3-PW)
  • Wedges: TaylorMade MG (52°, 56°, 60°)
  • Putter: TaylorMade Spider Limited Itsy Bitsy

It’s worth noting that DJ will also add a 64° wedge to the bag from time to time. This club is mainly used for hitting bunker shots. As a shut-face place, he’s always had to manipulate his technique to open the clubface when hitting bunker shots. The extra loft with the 64° allows him to swing naturally

DJ has also been known to try new putters when he’s not putting well, but he normally always comes back to his old faithful, the TaylorMade Spider Limited Itsy Bitsy.

What Golf Ball Does Dustin Johnson Use?

Dustin Johnson uses the TaylorMade TP5x golf ball. He’s stated in interviews that he liked the way this golf ball feels coming off the putter. Interestingly, when choosing a golf ball, DJ starts around the green and then works backward through the bag toward his longer clubs.

This is the complete opposite of what most amateurs do when choosing a ball. For amateurs, it’s all about how far the ball will travel, especially with the driver. Don’t get me wrong, this is certainly important, but checking how the ball reacts on and around the green is arguably more important. At most, we’ll hit the driver 14 times in a given round, while the putter and wedges could be used 40 times depending on your skill level. Just some food for thought.

Final Thoughts

Dustin Johnson’s stock yardages are the stuff of legends. Based on the average PGA tour player stock yardages, Dustin is 1-2 clubs longer than his peers throughout the bag. A lot of this is due to his strong grip. The club face is shut throughout the swing and this allows him to essentially deloft his irons which leads to massive distance. Combine this with the fact that he’s 6’4″, athletic with long arms, and there’s no wonder why he still pipes it past most of the guys on tour, even at the age of 38.


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