Grant Horvat Leaves Good Good

The guys over at Good Good put out an absolute shocker of a video today announcing the departure of fan favorites Micah Morris and Grant Horvat. Micah leaving the group wasn’t a surprise, but Grant leaving came out of nowhere. In my opinion, the Good Good content became much better once Grant became a member of the group. The same can be said for GM Golf’s content. Garrett and Grant teaming up to play matches against college and pro golfers is some of the best golf content on YouTube. So why would Grant leave Good Good? Great question. Keep reading, and I’ll give you my thoughts as to why he left, and whether I think this is a good career move for him.

Why Did Grant Leave?

Grant has yet to publically address the issue so I can only speculate. Garrett mentioned in the Good Good video titled “Goodbye Grant & Micah” that Grant basically wanted to do his own thing. The full video is posted below. While venturing out on his own could be part of the reason, I have a hard time believing that’s all there is to the story. I’ll say this. Grant recently got engaged to his girlfriend a couple of months ago. From the sound of things, they’ll be tying the knot sooner than later. Being married obviously means additional responsibilities, time requirements, etc, etc… I’m not sure what the travel requirements are for Good Good, but Grant was on the road a lot. When you’re single and only have to worry about yourself, it’s no big deal. Having a significant other changes things. The two of you must be on the same accord.

Another reason could be Grant didn’t want to be based out of Texas any longer. He’s a Florida boy so moving halfway across the country was likely a huge move for him. Again, all speculation. I’m honestly struggling to come up with reasons for him to leave the group. Good Good is literally the cream of the crop when it comes to YouTube Golf content. The brand has exploded over the last year. The guys even mentioned “throwing the kitchen sink” at him in terms of an offer to stay with the group. The fact he turned it down at least says his leaving isn’t about money. At the end of the day, it’s Grant’s decision, and he has to do what he thinks is best for himself.

Was Leaving Good Good The Right Decision For Grant?

From the outside looking in, I think Grant leaving was a mistake in terms of his career. I’m not saying he won’t go have success doing his own thing, but it won’t be at the level of Good Good. And he could be perfectly fine with that. From my viewing perspective, I don’t enjoy Grant’s videos on his personal YouTube channel as much as I do when he’s in a Good Good video. The chemistry he has with the guys always shows through the camera. A lot of his personal videos are solo course vlogs which don’t bring the same type of entertainment factor for me. Now, if he’s shifting his entire focus to his personal YouTube channel, I expect the quality to go up. One of his recent videos was a match against Bryson Dechambeau so that’s a good start.

Who knows… maybe he teams up with Micah on some future projects? That would be awesome!

Final Thoughts

Grant leaving Good Good is a tough pill for me to swallow. He has a great personality, a great golf swing, and fits in great with the other guys. He brought a ton of value to the group. I do feel bad for the Good Good guys though, especially Garrett as losing Micah and Grant in such a short period of time has to be tough. Bubbie mentioned in the goodbye video the term “loyalty”, and I understood exactly the point he was trying to make. Good Good embraced Grant and provided him a platform to not only crush it with Good Good but to also build up his personal brand. He’s up to 265K subscribers on YouTube at this time with a similar number on TikTok. That’s all thanks to Good Good. I’m not saying he had to stick with Good Good forever, but exiting the group after such a short period of time is a tad suspect. Especially to go essentially become a “rival” (per se) to the Good Good brand.

Everything in this article is just my opinion and speculation. I’m a fan of all involved and look forward to hearing more from Grant on why he decided to leave. I wish nothing but the best for everyone involved!


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