Who Is Lucy Robson?

Lucy Robson is a former college golfer who has amassed a huge social media following over the last few years. While many won’t be able to see past her stunning beauty, there is more than meets the eye with Lucy. Let’s get to know her a little better.

Image by: Lucy Robson – Instagram: @lucyrobson

Early Life

Lucy was born on March 10th, 1995 in London, England to parents Nick and Jayne Robson. She has just one sibling, a sister named Harriet. At age 5, she started grammar school in Surrey, a county in the southwest of London. She continued her education in Surrey for five years until the age of 10. At that point, her family made a decision to move and this was no small move. In 2006, they decided to move across the pond to Stuart, Florida.

The transition for Lucy came with some difficulties, specifically at school. She’s mentioned being bullied because of her English accent, which eventually led to her feeling like she didn’t belong. This unsurprisingly led to her losing confidence in herself. Thankfully, she soon found a hobby which brought that lost confidence back and then some.

Lucy has always been familiar with the game of golf as her family has played her whole life, but it was here, in Stuart, where she got a proper introduction. As Lucy tells it, her grandfather purchased her golf lessons and she’s loved it ever since. Like most of us who are just picking up the game, Lucy struggled a bit at first. However, she’s super competitive and losing motivated her even more to improve. Eventually, she started to beat the boys who were beating her early on, gaining their respect in the process. This was huge for Lucy in her golf journey. The confidence she gained not only helped her on the golf course but as we mentioned earlier, off the course as well.

With Lucy’s game improving rapidly, she began to compete in tournaments across the state of Florida. She competed in tournaments on the JPT Tour (Junior Players’ Tour), the South Florida Section Junior Tour, and FJT (Florida Junior Tour). She was also good enough to play in team events, playing twice for the South Team in the Junior Florida Cup. Some of her 2013 individual results can be found below.

Courtesy of FSGA
Courtesy of SFPGA

By the time Lucy got to Jensen Beach High School, the golf game was in a great spot, eventually getting down to a 1.1 handicap. So yeah, she was pretty much scratch. During this time, she also was lucky enough to get coaching from Martin Hall, host of Golf Channel’s School of Golf. Some of her high school golf highlights include leading her team to a 2nd place finish at state, the school’s highest-ever finish, and being named team MVP each year she was there.

With success like this at the junior and high school level, it’s no wonder colleges came knocking at her door.

College Years

In 2013, Lucy officially accepted a golf scholarship offer to the University of South Florida. Unfortunately, her time at USF was short-lived as she transferred to Cal Poly after two years. Lucy cited she struggled being a student-athlete, maintaining a decent GPA, and balancing sorority life during her tenure at USF. Due to this, she lost a bit of passion for golf. A fresh start was needed.

In 2015, Lucy enrolled in Cal Poly and became a member of the golf team. Initially, she struggled with being so far away from her family in Florida, but said the Cal Poly team being extremely welcoming helped her through those early times. She went on to play two more years of golf at Cal Poly with middle of the road success. Her scoring average throughout her college career, at USF and Cal Poly, hovered around 80. She eventually graduated with a degree in Business Administration in 2017.

Early on in her Cal Poly tenure, Lucy was recognized by the Golf Channel as their #WomanCrushWednesday. She was already building a social media following but with this shoutout, her Instagram followers took a huge jump.

Social Media Rise

Although Lucy had LPGA aspirations when she was younger, her outlook changed as she made her way through college. The golf game not progressing to where she hoped it would combined with her social media presence exploding made this was an easy decision.

Lucy’s first postings on Instagram were golf swing videos and suddenly out of the blue, one of the videos went viral. This was definitely an eye-opener for her. She continued posting videos, adding in some modeling photos along with some trick shot videos eventually accumulating around 11K followers by the time of the Golf Channel shoutout.

Fast forward to today and 11K followers is literally a drop in the bucket for Lucy. As of this writing, Lucy has 997K Instagram followers and 870K TikTok followers. Yes, you read that right. Nearly 2 million combined! She is absolutely crushing it right now. With that type of following, brands are likely beating down her door in hopes of sponsorship agreements. Lucy has many sponsored posts on her Instagram featuring companies like Bang Energy, Swag Golf, Blue Tees Golf, and FashionNova. Beauty mixed with serious golf talent is a lucrative combination!

Personal Life

Little is known about Lucy’s personal life outside of social media, and it’s not surprising. She has stated in the past that she’s shy and introverted. She’s spoken about literally getting sick once after having to give a speech in front of classmates. She’s also stated she doesn’t like the spotlight which has to be difficult given her career. If you ever watch any videos with her talking, she’s always soft-spoken and reserved. Props to her for overcoming. As an introvert myself, putting yourself out there on social media isn’t at the top of my things to do.

From the little information I can find, it looks like Lucy is single at this time. She has a couple of videos doing tricks shots with William Peter Jones, so that could be something. However, most of her videos are of her only or sometimes her dog makes an appearance. I didn’t see any pictures of the parents or sister as I scrolled through her page. These profiles look to be business oriented.

Interesting Facts

  1. Instagram is the first app she opens in the morning
  2. Kylie Jenner is her favorite follow on Instagram
  3. Pebble Beach is her favorite course
  4. If she could invite any four people to dinner: Natalie Gulbis (childhood idol), Brad Pitt, Kylie Jenner, Rory McIlroy. Brie cheese would the starter at the dinner. Beef Wellington would be the main course. Sticky Toffee Pudding would be dessert.
  5. Guinness is her favorite beer


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